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3DPowerTools transforms AutoCAD into a powerful modeling package.

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3DPowerTools: $195 fully-functional trial free lighting plug-in

  • CADENCE Magazine (May 2000): "What the folks at 3DPowerTools Inc. have come up with is an incredibly practical slew of creation, editing and visualization functions that AutoCAD has never provided out of the box and that 3D modelers have been waiting on for years .... My reaction after working with this package for the first two hours is to say, "I can't believe it; it's finally happened." Read more
  • CADALYST Magazine (January 2000): "3DPowerTools speeds up the design process by providing vertex-editing and quick face-editing tools. It also adds excellent new orbit tools such as Center Orbit, which is absent in AutoCAD ...." Read more
  • Drew's M-CAD Connection: "This is just my humble opinion of one good valued 3rd Party addition to Mechanical Desktop 4. Drew's Rating: 5 stars .... I highly recommend it!" Read more

What users are saying:
  • "My reaction after experimenting with it for 15 minutes -- WOW!"
    -- our first paying customer
  • "Holy Mackerel is this thing going to be hot once it's released!! We (News Group Junkies) have been screaming for this functionality in MDT."
    -- Quinn Zander
  • "Wow, this is really slick!

    Take a good, close look at 3DPowerTools: it's got some very slick features, like being able to dynamically constrain movement of 3D objects along the X, Y, or Z direction, and it also works similarly to MAX in drawing objects dynamically.

    I'm definitely going to incorporate this into my 3D usage!"

    -- Robert Grandmaison
  • "The tools are easy to use and should be appreciated by both novice and hard-core ACAD users!"
    -- Nino Caldarola
  • "Great job you guys. Here are 2 dwgs that I had my plant manager do. He has never tried to work with 3D before; he thought it was too complicated. I had him try 3DPowerTools and in a couple of days he created these 2 dwgs and now loves 3D."
    -- Buzz Harris
  • "I have been working with AutoCAD for 14 years waiting for true 3D capability for my clients. Finally, I have it."
    -- Richard Weiss, AIA, Architect, 33 Inverness Way, Inverness, CA
  • "I think 3DPowerTools is a great tool for the average designer."
    -- John Rankin


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