3DLighting is a free plug-in for AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, and Mechanical Desktop. Using 3DLighting, you can control the lighting in shaded viewports.



To use 3DLighting, you will need an authorization code. This code will be emailed to you when you join our mailing list. If you purchased AutoCAD 2000 or Architectural Desktop 2.0, you will need to download and install a more recent version of the AutoCAD 3D graphics system (acgs.dll).

NOTE: You should download this update regardless of whether or not you plan to use 3DLighting. This update contains significant bug fixes and performance enhancements. Users of Mechanical Desktop and more recent versions of AutoCAD and Architectural Desktop do not need this update to use 3DLighting.


Interactive control of light direction

The 3DLight command uses the familiar orbit paradigm to enable your control of the light direction in each shaded viewport. You can you use this command to more realistically simulate a light in your scene. Also, if you have unwelcome highlights on your objects you can redirect the light to better visualize your model.

Click on the images below to see an animated demo.



Control intensity and color of lights

Each viewport has two lights: a directional light and an ambient light. With 3DLightColor, you can specify the intensity and color of both lights.

Click on the images below to see an animated demo.


Light settings persist in the drawing file

Any modifications to lighting made with 3DLight and 3DLightColor persist in your drawing file. The next time this file is opened, your light settings will be restored.



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