3DPowerTools Announces 3DLighting, a Free Plug-In for AutoCAD 2000, Mechanical Desktop 4.0, and Architectural Desktop 2.0 Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - January 18, 2000 -- 3DPowerTools, Inc. announces the latest release in its family of 3D CAD modeling solutions. 3DLighting is a free plug-in which offers unparalleled control of lighting parameters in AutoCAD 2000 and its derivative products.

3DLighting offers the following features in shaded viewports:
  • Interactive Control of Light Direction
    The 3DLight command uses the familiar orbit paradigm to enable control of the light direction in each shaded viewport. Use this command to more realistically simulate a light in the scene as well as to redirect the light to avoid unwelcome highlights on objects.
  • Control Intensity and Color of Lights
    Each viewport has two lights: a directional light and an ambient light. Specify the intensity and color of both lights with the 3DLightColor command.
  • Light Settings Persist in Drawing File
    Any modifications to lighting made with 3DLight and 3DLightColor persist in the drawing file. The next time this file is opened, these light settings will be restored.
Users are already reaping the benefits. Ira S. Faberman wrote "This is very, very sweet! It is just what I asked for (literally)." Another user posted: "I'm a new MDT user (recent conversion from Pro/E). Very nice job with 3DLighting."

3DLighting is available immediately and can be downloaded from http://www.3dpowertools.com/downloads2.htm. Authorization to use 3DLighting is obtained by email after joining the 3DPowerTools mailing list. For more information, visit http://www.3dpowertools.com/.

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Jon Tyson



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